“I was only half-living before with my heart wall up, so I can truly say this work we’ve done has saved my life.” – Jami B.


My name is Lauren Rock, affectionately known as the “no nonsense healer.”

I know how frustrating it is to feel stuck and exhausted with the endless attempts to improve your life with no real results.

I help my clients get to the next vibrational level in their lives — easily and quickly. In 10 sessions or less, my clients have happier, fuller and more purpose-driven lives without the energetic pain and limiting beliefs that previously held them back.

The transformation process is a whole life overhaul where I help you get “in your lane,” once and for all. If I can be your guide on this sacred life-altering journey, please reach out. I am here to help.

Peace and many blessings,



  • Easily remove energetic trauma and maladaptive patterns
  • Offer “no nonsense” life coaching that works
  • Offer career intuitive advice and strategies
  • Create a feeling of lightness and ease in your life
  • Help solve problems and patterns that seem unsolvable

Why do clients seek my guidance?

Looking for career calling & life purpose0%

Ending destructive patterns0%

Overcoming grief0%

Resolving difficult family relationships0%