“I was only half-living before with my heart wall up, so I can truly say this work we’ve done has saved my life.” – Jami B.


My name is Lauren Rock affectionately known as the “no nonsense healer.”   I know how frustrating it feels to be stuck in the same rut, to manifest the same patterns or people or to be unable to achieve what your heart wants to achieve. I help my clients get to the next vibrational level in their lives easily and quickly.  In 10 sessions or less, my clients have happier, fuller and more purpose driven lives without the energetic pain and limiting beliefs that previously held them back.  The transformation process is a whole life overhaul where I help you get “in your lane” once and for all.  If I can be your guide on this sacred life altering journey, please reach out.

Peace and many blessings,



We are all well acquainted with our physical bodies, but there is a unique network of chakras, meridians and energy structures inside our bodies that really run the show.  When emotions and trauma are not fully processed, they often “get stuck” and start causing a host of different problems within the body.  Energetic Healing addresses these issues quickly and painlessly by getting to the root of the problem. This  allows your body to do what it was designed to do-heal allowing for a more carefree, less stressful and burdened life experience.  Are you ready the feel the difference?


Most people have talked their problems to death.  They understand what went wrong. They just don’t know how to feel better.  Do you know that part of your frustrating patterns may not even belong to you?  We all inherit traits from our parents, but epigenetics, a highly specialized field of science that studies inheritance, has shown us that trauma can be passed down to future generations through DNA. That stuck feeling may be an inherited emotion of stubbornness from your father or a tendency toward anger or resentment from your grandmother.  In our work together, we free you from the burden of these inherited tendencies helping you get “unstuck” for once and for all.


Have you heart of someone dying from a broken heart or know the feeling of an achy heart every time you think about an old love or a relative who has passed? Long after most of us assume we have “gotten over” a relationship or death, we still hold unprocessed trauma around our most precious of organs, our heart.  This sadness, anger, grief, humiliation and heartbreak adds up and eventually we shut down our hearts and then wonder why it is so hard for us to find a new love or manifest what we really want in our lives.  The good news is that heart walls can come down in a surprising short amount of time-often only 3-4 sessions.  After the removal of a heart wall,  my clients describe their lives as “feeling sunnier” and often new relationships and opportunities arrive shortly after this process.  Are you ready to live heart wall free?


When clients find me, they often remark that they have tried everything from traditional talk therapy to seminars, books, prescription drugs, potions and lotions without any lasting results.  Fortunately, for most, our work together is the turning point where they get to finally get “into their lane” and experience what life is like without the emotional baggage that was thwarting the progress in the past. After one session, a 65 year old client (whose son had convinced him to see me) remarked, “one hour with you is like 10 years of therapy”.  If you feel defeated and exhausted, that’s ok,  I’ve got you!


  • Easily remove energetic trauma and maladaptive patterns
  • Offer “no nonsense” life coaching that works
  • Offer career intuitive advice and strategies
  • Create a feeling of lightness and ease in your life
  • Help solve problems and patterns that seem unsolvable


Why do clients seek my guidance?

Looking for career calling & life purpose0%

Ending destructive patterns0%

Overcoming grief0%

Resolving difficult family relationships0%